Dental Crowns

Replacing your missing teeth with dentures isn’t ideal in each condition. In such scenarios, Dental crowns can benefit you when you need better protection against common dental ailments. Crowns are also useful when you are able to salvage a broken tooth or when your teeth are cracked. They can provide adequate protection while also completing your smile to make it appear as attractive as you may desire it to be.

Dental Crowns With Affordable Cosmetic Dentist

We prepare customized dental crowns to prevent your loose or cracked teeth from decaying quicker. Our cosmetic dentistry services make use of various technologies to offer you a personalized dental treatment plan which matches your expectations and preferences. These dental crowns can be made to identically resemble your existing teeth or can be made with the thought of having a pristine sheen to it.

These are some of the benefits that can be obtained by getting a dental crown treatment from us at the Affordable Cosmetic Dentist:

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Dental Crown Types

Dental Crowns also serve an aesthetic purpose which contributes towards having an attractive smile that is for many books and everyday living. Increasing your chewing comfort as well as improving your speech are also some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by getting different types of dental crowns. The following materials are used for creating these specific types of dental crowns that can also be used in Dental Implants :
These crowns are created from metals and alloys. It is possible to use precious metals too but the best metal crown is made of titanium to provide great durability.
These crowns are relatively less expensive because they use a resin material. These crowns are often placed closer to the wisdom teeth for concealment reasons.
These crowns can be highly customized to provide a near-exact specific shape. These are however prone to breakage upon meeting with blunt trauma.
Zirconia is a type of porcelain material that offers considerably well durability while also providing a good shine to your smile.
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Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

Having a sensitive tooth due to poor dental hygiene or due to accidents is understandable which is why we first inquire about medical history. This helps us understand your eating habits and dental conditions based on which, we can provide you a proper course of oral or dental treatment. Carrying a broken tooth can be incredibly dangerous which is why our dentists and dental surgeons are skilled in carefully examining and treating a plethora of dental conditions.

Immediate Care

Waiting on your turn for appointments if may not be your thing then you can walk right into our Affordable Cosmetic Dentist center with your dental emergency. We’ll follow standard procedures that include minimizing the escalation of the condition and so on. Even when you have swallowed a broken tooth or something similar, our physician will assist you with providing you great dental care.

High-Quality Materials

Life may include compromises but we don’t compromise on our assurance of quality dental services. Our dental materials are made from high-grade elements that prevent dental inconsistencies in the future. High-quality materials also allow us to provide you with reliable dental care which can last nearly decades provided that you maintain good oral hygiene

Progressive Dental Procedures

It is unnecessary to extract a broken tooth that can be salvaged with a dental crown. What is necessary though is that obtaining accurate dental care is everyone’s right. Even if you might prefer a more invasive procedure for your dental conditions, we’ll advise you against it because we know the risks that you don’t. Book an appointment with us to learn more about those risks and our impressive and efficient dental procedures.


It largely depends on the materials being used to create dental crowns and the way they’re made. A zirconia dental crown can last you between five to fifteen years with good dental practices.
Your dental crowns aren’t the cause of the smell. Instead, the germination of bacterias or infections in the crevices or spaces of a loose dental crown is responsible for the smell and you should immediately seek dental attention.
You can chew gums but frequent pressure on the singular dental crown or the original tooth can loosen them both. In such cases, you should seek dental care from our dentists at the Affordable Cosmetic Dentist.
It is common for teeth to move less than a millimeter when pressure is applied to them. In the case where your new or old dental crown is loose or too flexible, visit a qualified and experienced dentist to get your dental crown fixed properly.