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If you are reading this then you require not just dental implant surgery, you are also looking to bring back your lost smile and confidence. You know getting the best dental implants is not cheap, but that hasn’t stopped over 3 million people from going under the knife to bring back the smile they lost. So, if you are looking for tooth implants then Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry should be your choice as we have one of the best dental implant centers in Australia.

Factors Affecting Dental Implant Cost

If you want the best dental implants then it will affect your pockets and in reality, a dental implant procedure can cost you up to anywhere between $2000 to $8000. You have to consider a lot of factors such as if dental implant surgery is right for you and your bank balance.

Some of the factors that affect the dental implant surgery cost are:
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Types Of Dental Implants:

Dental implants come in different sizes and shapes and your dental implant specialist will help you to decide which option is best for you. It will depend on your particular needs. At Affordable Cosmetic Dentist, we are familiar with all the types of tooth loss so we provide you personalized implants services.

This type of dental implant surgery is done when your dental implant specialist needs to replace all of the teeth on either the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both. A thorough examination of your dental condition is taken before proceeding with the tooth implants.
These are a type of tooth implants that are placed at the same time as the natural teeth are extracted. This dental implant surgery is recommended by many dental implant centers as it is quick and convenient for patients.
These tooth implants are usually known as “Two Piece” implants as it comprises the root component and the tooth component in separate bits. We recommend these types of implants because they provide a long-time solution.
This process involves removing a piece of bone from the other part of the body and transplanting it into the jawbone. It is time-consuming but bone grafting is an essential and necessary part of any implant process.
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Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

We at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry use one of the best dental implants and our dental implant specialists have wished only one thing for you; to improve your quality of life. Our main aim is to bring your smile back with the help of tooth implants so you can enter the world with absolute confidence.


We at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry believe that your concerns are one of the most important things and we decide the best course of treatment for you. Our professional dentists will first examine your medical history and then take a look at your oral hygiene to see if you need anything more or not. Your pleasant experience matters to us because, for us, your beautiful smile matters the most.

Efficient Treatments

We have a perfect blend of advanced dentistry machinery and experienced dentists and that makes us capable of providing efficient dental care. Your every visit should be meaningful and that is why we ensure that we use the best possible methods to solve your dental problem to relieve you from any painful dental conditions.

Emergency Care

An emergency can happen randomly so you can visit our dental facility with your dental emergencies at any time of the day. We will make sure that you are relieved of various painful dental conditions. With amazing experience under our belt, our surgeons and dentists are skilled at handling severe dental emergencies in a critical time.


If you are missing teeth then you can get dental implants. All you have to do is to talk to our dentists and learn everything about it before you proceed with the implants.
The cost will vary by patient needs, bone quantity, and region. A prosthodontist will make an assessment based on your unique needs.
Unlike natural teeth, dental implants are made of artificial material and are not vulnerable to dental diseases such as decay. However, the health of the gums is vital to maintaining lasting implant success. Each patient is different, and success depends upon diagnosis and planning, medical history, and a variety of other factors.
Yes, it is possible. All you need is an experienced dentist. With the help of full-arch implants, this procedure has become easier day by day.