Teeth Whitening

If you are worried about tea, coffee, red wine, and tobacco have taken their toll on your teeth and turning them from glistening white to pineapple yellowish, then teeth whitening can save your teeth. A gleaming smile can open up many opportunities and here at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry; we will help your cause by giving you one of the best cosmetic whitening services and bring your gleaming smile back.

Is Teeth Whitening Good For You?

If you want to make a great first impression then you must have a brightening smile in your arsenal. Stained and yellowish teeth don’t make a good first impression. Having white teeth will not only give you a beautiful smile but will also boost your confidence and give your appearance a more youthful look.

The best candidates for professional teeth whitening are:

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Types Of Tooth Fillings

If you are looking for cosmetic teeth whitening then your dentists will tell you to choose between types of whitening filling. To treat a cavity, the dentist at Affordable Cosmetic Dentist will remove the decayed portion of the tooth and then fill the empty area with a material similar to your tooth.

There are two types of fillings you can choose:

This type of filling will be of the same color as your teeth. Not many people get their teeth white thus this type of filling is used. If you want to make your filling look more natural then this is the best option for you.
If you recently had cosmetic teeth whitening procedure then opting for this type of filling is a good decision. This type of filling will leave an effect on recent teeth whitening sessions.

Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

Smile is one thing that can work wonders for you. If you want to grab your opportunities with a big and bright smile on your face then look no further than Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry. We offer comprehensive dentistry as well as professional teeth whitening and cosmetic teeth whitening too.

The reason you should go for Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry:

Wide-Ranging Dentistry

At Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry, you will be offered a wide range of services under one roof. You will be offered from cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, and general dentistry to sleep dentistry, prosthodontics, and orthodontics too. We are also known for services like dental implants, dental crowns, gingivitis treatment, and many more. We take pride in our pediatric dentist department as our staff provides a playful and enjoyable experience for kids. With the help of various cosmetic dentistry services, we will improve the appearance of your smile.

Unparalleled Capability

With years of experience under our belt, it has made us thoroughly familiar with all types of dental procedures and services. Our motto is quality over quantity as our selective dentistry techniques will focus more on successful results. Our years of experience allow us to find any hidden underlying dental condition that should be attended to immediately. With the help of technology and our professional dentists, you can expect assuring services.

Fabulous Facility

If you are looking for a facility that can offer you the best service then you are in the right place! We at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry take pride in our amazing facility. We have one of the best equipment and technology in the whole of Australia. If you want to get teeth whitening, we offer professional and cosmetic teeth whitening with teeth filling options as well. With us, you will be treated with the help of all the latest technology and experienced dentists.


Teeth whitening may cause sensitivity during or after the treatment and can cause slight discomfort in your gums. It is a temporary side effect and will disappear within days after the treatment.
If you want to keep your teeth white then avoid eating or drinking any items that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, soda, berries, and anything tomato-based. If you choose these types of food then make sure you rinse your mouth afterward. Keep up with the brush twice-a-day rule.
Teeth whitening process only takes around 30 minutes in order to achieve a white and bright smile. It is down into two 15 minutes sessions to allow maximum gel concentration and light exposure.
There is no evidence that suggests that teeth whiteners damage tooth nerves. It has no harmful effects on the health of the tooth nerve. As per some reports, no individual who used a teeth whitener needs a root canal process for the damaged nerve.