CEREC Porcelain fillings

The dentures, dental crowns, and bridges are also placed when you have a broken or chipped tooth. These treatments are extremely reliable in providing your teeth with better protection against most dental conditions. You can also have each of them custom made from different types of materials to suit your needs. We provide the following types of CEREC Porcelain Fillings to protect various dental conditions.

Why choose CEREC Porcelain fillings?

It is one of the strongest and superior placement options for you. If you are looking for a natural-looking alternative for the replacement of your old amalgam silver filling then you have two options in front of you only at Affordable Cosmetic Dentist. Traditional composite resin and technologically advanced porcelain fillings. You should go for CEREC porcelain fillings because:

Porcelain Fillings

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What are the benefits Of CEREC Porcelain fillings?

With over 20 years of clinical research and documentation supporting its credibility, CEREC is one of the most preferred treatments for tooth and filling replacements. This system offers a precise, safe, and effective restoration process.

The main benefits of CEREC treatment are:


Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

Our main goal is to make sure you leave our dental facility with a beautiful smile on your face. With a staff that is friendly and professional, you will always get the desired results and we will always try to satisfy your expectations.

Mentioned below are the reasons why you should choose Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry:

Emergency Dental Care

If you are in a need of urgent and immediate dental care, then dentists at our facility will treat you immediately to relieve your pain and distress. If you want your old amalgam fillings removed on an immediate basis due to an emergency, then our dentists will try to perform the whole procedure in less than 2 hours. With the help of up-to-date technological equipment present in our dental facility, our dentists are more than capable of performing the CEREC procedure even in an emergency.

Experienced Dental Facility

CEREC will require all the modern equipment and we have one of the most advanced and technologically astute labs and centers for this procedure. We are equipped with modern dentistry tools and machines to perform this procedure. To ease your pain and complete the procedure as per the schedule, we use advanced equipment like a dental laser, a CEREC handheld blue-light camera, a specialized CEREC monitor, and a CEREC milling machine. With the help of this technological equipment, our experienced and professional dentists will try to give you the best treatment possible.

Dental Experts

As our name suggests, we offer an affordable CEREC procedure that will not only save your money but will also give you fantastic dental packages. To make our services accessible to everyone, we have implemented attractive dental payment plans. We will offer you payment plans at your convenience.


The CEREC crowns are made from the same material as from the lab crowns are made. A solid porcelain crown will provide you years of use, with many crowns lasting for more than a decade. Our dentists will give you instructions and advice on how to take care of your CEREC crown and give it longevity.
The cost depends on various factors such as the size of your filling and the site. Our trained dentists will first examine you and after that, he will be able to tell you the quotes for the cost involved. When considering the cost of the procedure, don’t think about longevity and cost of restoration separately. Rather, count them as a combination.
With the help of CEREC technology, your dentist will make sure that your new crown is cast properly within your mouth. Their top priority will be to match the natural hue and color of your replaced tooth. When the procedure is done, it will be hard to distinguish the artificial teeth from your natural one.
After completing the procedure, you will need to maintain good oral hygiene by cleaning the area the same as you take of your teeth to prevent plaque and tartar. If any special care is needed then your dentists will inform you.