Facial Injectable & Fillers

An adorable smile and a beautiful face go hand-in-hand and we think that it makes sense for dental professionals to look after them both. Your face is the image that will map your life story, so it should be treated with skill fully placed filler to achieve the structure you desire. Our dentists offer you services like botox injections, dermal fillers, frown line removal, wrinkle removals, and other cosmetic procedures for your faces.

Types of Facial Injectable & Fillers used:

A very fine needle is used to fill the wrinkle, line, or skin depression with a product. It will add volume and structure to your face. They are more than just adding fullness; they will enrich your natural features and shape of your face and perform one of the best wrinkle removal treatments at Affordable Cosmetic Dentist.

Mentioned below are the types of dermal fillers used by our dentists:

Facial Injectable

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What Self-Care You Should Take?

Our medical practitioner will guide you for steps you need to take after you have gone under the needle. General self-care suggestions for the first few days following cosmetic injections include:

Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

Our main aim is to make you look younger and eliminate wrinkles and the aging effect from your face. With a staff that is full of passion and compassion, we will try our best to give you what you desire and our staff will help your cause with top-notch service and amazing facilities available at our disposal.

Below are the reasons why you should opt for Affordable Dentistry:

Splendid Facility

When you visit our dental facility for inquiry, you will notice how our facility is brimming with the latest technology and equipment. We have one of the most advanced and technologically astute cosmetic centers. We have modern equipment and machines to perform any kind of dentistry and cosmetic surgery. If you want to opt for a treatment with no downtime, no anesthesia, and want to avoid going under the knife, our filler treatment will prove to be a boon for you. We take great pride in our safety measurements and hygiene as it is one of the best in Australia.

Personalized Treatment

Every face is unique and it is only yours, nobody else’s. We provide consultations and discuss what you want and what your expectations from these dermal fillers are. We will ensure you that your provider gives you the right dermal fillers, in the right amount, to keep you the best version of yourself by offering you frown line removal and wrinkle removal services. You may have seen cosmetic surgeries go wrong but with us, that won’t be a problem. We will recommend the type of the dermal filler as per your requirements and the area you want to get treated. At our facility, personalized treatment will be our priority.

You Deserve One Of The Best

At Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer some of the best brands of dermal fillers for the finest results. This treatment involves nominal discomfort and no downtime. We will offer you a post-treatment checkup the following day to ensure that you are pleased with our services and the final result. Our highly experienced and attentive staff will provide you a safe and caring atmosphere at the facility. Effective, focused-results, and treatments perfectly tailored as per your requirements with exceptional before and aftercare is offered at Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry.


If you are looking for frown line removal, wrinkle removal, or botox injections to lift your face then it is worth asking your dentists about the options you have. The most important question is whether you are comfortable with your natural appearance or you want to smooth your skin to be more comfortable.
If side effects are going to appear then they will mostly appear in 24 hours or immediately post-treatment. Side effects include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness. Immediate side effects disappear within days. It will depend on the type of filler used and it may take up to weeks for them to disappear completely.
They may last as long as three or six months and in some cases longer. Lips are one of the most highly used areas of our body as we use them all the time; this will impact the life of the fillers at your lips. If you want a thorough detail on this, then ask your cosmetic injector before you opt for the procedure.
Getting dermal fillers will feel like someone is pinching you. You may feel slight pressure or a stinging sensation as the products are being injected into your chosen part. Pain is a personal and subjective thing and it will depend on your tolerance and treatment area.