Dental Bridges

A Dental Bridge can fill the gap that is left by a missing tooth that has been extracted or broken off. It can also restore your smile apart from providing better biting functionality to the jaw. They can also be made to secure the surrounding teeth from sliding off or causing infections. The use of metal clasps is also possible with dental bridges for supporting multiple teeth when a single dental crown isn’t enough.

Dental Bridges With Affordable Cosmetic Dentist

The functionality of Dental Bridges largely depends on the surrounding teeth of the missing area. If the gums are found to be healthy with no additional dential conditions evident in the mouth, dental bridges can then be applied for improving the aesthetics of your smile.

Dental Bridges provide the following advantages with Affordable Cosmetic Dentist:


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Types Of Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges can be obtained from any local dentist but their integrity can be quite questionable. However, with Affordable Cosmetic Dentist services you can get these types of Dental Bridges that are placed using the utmost care and precision:
The use of individual implants holds the bridge more firmly to bridge the missing gap which requires a second surgery. The longevity is unmatched.
This treatment uses a false tooth that is bonded with two dental crowns on each side to fill the gap between the two teeth.
The frame of this dental bridge is made with porcelain or metal bonds that hold itself together with the natural teeth. This procedure is also considerably durable.
This technique doesn’t require two teeth but makes use of one natural tooth located on either side of the missing tooth. The treatment is more durable when the natural tooth is instead a dental implant tooth.

Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentist?

Cosmetic Dentistry is a science that deals with improving the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and facial features. A missing tooth can cause your skin to appear sunken or make your smile seem hollow. To remedy these problems you can visit the Affordable Cosmetic Dentist where you’ll be offered comprehensive dentistry treatments and consultation.

Comprehensive Dentistry

At Affordable Cosmetic Dentist, we can provide you a wide range of dentistry services under one roof. You can get restorative treatment or general dentistry treatment depending on your dental condition which is inclusive of procedures such as dental implants, dental crowns, gingivitis treatment, and so on. We also offer children dentistry services along with our exceptionally esteemed Cosmetic dentistry services to improve the appearance of your smile.

High-Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials allows us to provide you exactly the type of dental care you’d want from a reputable dentist. Using better quality materials makes it easier for patients to maintain their oral hygiene as well as avoid inconsistencies in the future that may result in hazardous situations. High-grade materials also make certain dentistry procedures possible without which you’d have to inevitably pick primitive dental care techniques.

Vast Expertise

Our experience of nearly three decades has made us thoroughly familiar with all types of dental ailments. This allows us to use selective dentistry techniques that are capable of delivering to you the best possible results. Our experience also allows us to recognize any hidden underlying dental conditions that should be addressed immediately.


A properly maintained oral hygiene could prevent the supporting natural tooth from decaying early. This can directly influence the life of dental bridges positively. In near pristine conditions, dental bridges can last up to ten years.
To get a permanent tooth replacement you should get dental implants that are made to be incredibly durable. You could also get partial dentures to fill the gap of your missing tooth or teeth for a dependable period of time.
Dental Implants require performing a few numbers of surgeries even in healthy cases for the utmost reliable dental care. Dental bridges on the other hand can be placed directly on top of original teeth or on dental implants and existing dental crowns. They are, therefore, a less invasive way of tooth restoration.
Dental Bridges can cost between $1200 to $5000 and more depending on their make and other costs associated with getting the treatment.