Loss of teeth is let alone capable of making anyone stressed whose further implications could lead to developing severe dental conditions. To replace the numerous missing teeth in a row, you should get Dentures treatment from us at Affordable Cosmetic Dentist. We will treat all your existing dental conditions so you can have your smile back in the form of dentures that also serve to improve your biting and chewing abilities.

Dentures With Affordable Cosmetic Dentist

One of the different types of dentures can provide you the exact comfort and smile that you desire after losing your teeth due to an accident or other reasons. Our custom dentures are light-weight yet properly reliable to help you sustain basic dental functions such as speech and eating habits. Dentures can also be useful in uplifting the sunken facial structure caused by the loss of teeth.

Commonly, partial dentures and complete dentures are made by using one of these three materials to provide varying degrees of comfort and affordability.


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The Four Common All On Dentures Implants

Permanent Dentures could be just what you need to forever get rid of all your dental problems especially when you’re careful about maintaining proper oral care. These dentures need to be implanted in the jawbone which requires a certain number of surgeries including a significant healing period in between one each of them.

But all the efforts are worth it when you pick one among these four types of All On Dentures:
This treatment uses a total number of four implants that are distributed evenly between two jaws.
In this treatment, the total number of implants is five which are placed relevant to the integrity of the jawbone and other requirements of the patient.
These implants use an extra two implants over them all on 4 to make the dental bridges more firmly attached to the bone.
This treatment provides a complete restructuring of your mouth with maximum implants to provide longevity in the truest sense of the word.
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Why Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you require aesthetical improvements related to dentistry services then the Affordable Cosmetic Dentist has got you covered. Our treatments can improve your facial appearance as well as serve to enhance your various mouth functions. We do not compromise on the level of care we provide because we appreciate and value your trust in us. Our variety of services are made accessible to the general population with the help of our attractive dental care packages that contain other treatments too such as teeth whitening, dental crowns, and so on.

Our Skillset

We have performed numerous dental procedures that have made us adept at approaching all sorts of dental conditions with a trained eye. Our use of the latest techniques can make some of the complex procedures simple or at least minimize the pain for great customer satisfaction. After all, we aspire to deliver more smiles on any given day.

Emergency Care

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are unsure of how to handle some type of dental problem, you can conveniently reach out to us to get a consultation and immediate dental attention from our oral health surgeons and dentists. For severe conditions, you can walk right into our center to obtain critical care that may save your life.

Modern Technology

The use of modern technology and equipment plays an undeniable role in providing world-class dental care that we offer at Affordable Cosmetic Dentist. We have machinery that helps us get 3D models, X-rays, custom dental equipments such as veneers, dental crown, and so on so that we can provide you high-grade services only.


You might face discomfort or irritation initially due to the object being foreign to your mouth. Over time you’ll probably develop a familiarity with its shape and texture.
Dentures can provide you the freedom to eat anything that you may desire but you should still refrain from eating extremely hot or cold foods & beverages. You should also avoid sticky or hard foods including the ones with tiny particles in it.
During the initial stages of getting a denture, you might face some mild pain in your gums along with irritation. Both of these will however subside in a few weeks if not mere days.
Getting any type of dentures could easily take between three months or many more depending on your oral care and the type of dentures you want.
Permanent dentures can last for quite a long time whereas typical dentures should ideally be changed every five to seven years to prevent serious dental conditions.